Scripting samples

This area is for non-specific scripting samples. Usually composed for Windows Scripting Host (WSH) or newObjects Microhost (NMH - which is available for both PC and Pocket PC and is packed with ActiveX Pack1). They usually demonstrate certain techniques that can be of use in various scripting environments (such as ASP/ALP, DHTML pages, custom applications).The usage of pure scripting allows to concentrate on the techniques represented instead of mixing up the code with ASP specifics for example.

Usually the samples can be easily adopted for the environment where you need them. In most cases the scripts use WSH or NMH to output state reports (such as lines describing what is happening one each step). 

Using NetStreams library
  1. Micro WEB server. Implemented for WSH this sample is a minimal WEB server (just enough to work). However it is good enough for a LAN as long as only small files are served.
  2. Micro WEB server in thread.  This uses for the HTTP serving almost the same code as the previous sample, but executes it in a separate thread. The sample is for NMH, but it can be easily ported to/implemented in different environments.
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