Must have tools

The samples and articles on this site often use some of our components or other tools. Below is the list of the components/products you may need:

Active Local Pages (ALP)
Suite of ASP/CGI processor, Installer and viewer (IE can be used as well). Together it forms a powerful technology for desktop programming in languages and technologies previously know as WEB server related. Supports ASP and CGI (with some limitations), autorun CDs, DB access through ADO or other components, file management through ActiveX pack1 or FSO and so on. ALP is specially oriented to ASP programmers and deployment of applications written for the ALP engine is even simpler than deployment of a desktop application created in typical RAD environment (like Delphi for example). With the ability to run the same code on WEB server and any Windows based PC desktop ALP offers effective technology lowered costs and new areas for the ASP programmers.

ActiveX Pack1 (AXPack1)
Integrated with ALP from version 1.1 beta (previous ALP versions contain subset of its components - if you are not sure what you have download and install it - the installer will check/install the latest version).
This is a set of components intended to work without additional dependencies on all the Windows PC platforms beginning with Windows 95 (with IE4). The set contains:
 - File/stream/directory/storage manipulation components (Often mentioned as "Storages and Files" set). They support text and binary access to files and other streams (|memory, OLE files), storages (directories, OLE files), record based access to streams/files (|DB like access to binary files), low level binary read/write with buffering.
 - Script hosting components. Active scripting is available to any other application through them - including other scripting application (for example an ASP page is able to start another script and manage it).
 - Universal collections. VarDictionary - supports tree-like structures, cloning and many advanced features which allow various applications - from simple array like usage to object models of documents.
 - Type conversion and bit wise operators. Some functions not found in JScript and/or VBScript but sometimes required.
 - Configuration/data unified management. Data structured in tree in the memory (using VarDictionary) can be sent/received, saved/restored to/from files, streams and registry.

A member of the ActiveX Pack1 family. Implements TCP/IP and IRDA functionality over Winsock 1.1. Allows network/IRDA connections to be driven in file-like manner (through the ActiveX Pack1 SFStream for example).

Protocol independent send/fetch component. Uses the Asynchronous pluggable protocols on the local system to fetch/send the data. Can be used for sending posts, uploads or other data, requesting pages or other resources not only over HTTP but over any protocol registered locally - even help pages from CHM files can be extracted, requests to ALP can be sent from other applications and the result can be used further (embedded in a page, update DB, calculate something and so on). The URL Monikers are old and well-known. Their ability to provide the application with network abstraction is amazing. However no such component appeared for years and we wrote one.

Script Service
Simple implementation of a script host that runs as service. Can be very useful if asynchronous operations are to be scheduled/requested by WEB (ASP) pages.

ASP Compiler
Compiles ASP pages to DLLs through VB6 and also supports Compile Time Scripting - e.g. active compilation process. Besides these features the DEMO version of its parser DLL (EMBDPRSR.DLL) can be used for other purposes - such as HTML real-time parsing, extracting information and so on.

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