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We started this site as place for different samples and snippets related or non-related to our products. The site is not organized in a strict form and concentrates on the content. It is hard to organize so different samples that may need functional pages and wide range of downloads sometimes. So the site is simple but convenient enough, I hope.

About the samples and snippets

Most samples come with articles. Many of the samples will need some additional software - components or ALP (Active Local Pages). Not everything is for the WEB but network connectivity, common usage of the same code on a server and desktop are our primary targets - so most of the snippets and samples are applicable for WEB usage or aim the WEB/desktop integration.

Active Server Pages/Active Local Pages

Our product ALP (Active Local Pages) is something intended to give more opportunities to the WEB and mostly ASP programmers. It is a local ASP/CGI engine and runs in the IE or in special viewer that extends the IE with standard windows menus and much more. So it is an engine that makes ASP technology good for desktop applications and not only WEB development. As something simple, opened for extensions it is a real competitor to such technologies like Delphi or other RAD environments. And in addition to everything else it makes possible to use exactly the same code on the local machine and on the server - as long as running the application on the both ends makes sense! In difference to the other environments ALP needs only a little amount of redistributable files and may work from autorun CDs without installation.

You will probably ask for .NET and so on. Well - the question is reasonable and there will be optional support for .NET but even if .NET and Java are called "OS independent", "write once run everywhere" they are not. To use them you need to update the machine - install and configure (sometimes) them and just them think for your application. No need to mention the old OS versions. ALP in contrast is based on well-known old technology - Active Scripting and COM. It runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2k, XP and can be distributed with everything the application may need in much smaller packages and installed without need to go there and check the machine.

Licensing: ALP is not free but this is not a problem if you are not ready to pay or can't pay at this moment. The shareware is not time limited. The nags are not too much and not too boring so you can do your work and just then buy it. We are developers and we need money as like you but we know how it can be sometimes so we are trying to be as tolerant and kind as possible.

Latest addition(s):

07 October 2004
Calendar pop-up completely configurable.

The areas

ASP and ALP oriented samples, articles and snippets.
Non-specific scripting samples. Usually composed for Windows Scripting Host or newObjects Microhost (which is available for both PC and Pocket PC). They usually demonstrate certain techniques that can be ported/implemented in another scripting environments (such as ASP/ALP) as needed. The usage of pure scripting allows to concentrate on the technique represented instead of mixing up the code with ASP specifics for example.
C++ code - directly or indirectly related to WEB development (mostly).
Must have tools
A list of components and products that are used in many samples and articles.

Publishing articles and other materials
from this site on other sites.

The publication of all the materials from this site is allowed. You need only to keep author and copyright information with the material/article and keep all the links in working condition. Please (not required) inform us for such publications we will be glad to exchange links or find other way to help each other.

Technical notes about publishing articles and samples on other sites:  Some articles have related downloads - code, sample implementations, components. We recommend publishing everything on the site together if possible. If you need the complete package or have some questions - some notes about the language (Our mother's language is not English) feel free to contact us.

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